Mobile Phone obsessions

addictsHey you….YES YOU!! don’t look back. If you are still glued to that iPhone/or whatever hand phone of yours…its time to put it down..its time you took a break from your obsession of your phone.

You know that we take care of our mobile phones (i mean most of us) like our own baby!! 🙂 carrying it safely and with all sorts of protection (screen guards,covers,back covers,flip covers….bla bla bla)

You may forget to wear a nice dress…but your phone is always sparkling (isnt it)…he he

It sleeps with you,brushes with you, (maybe baths with you – remember those bathroom selfies??)

eats with you,drinks,walks,talks,and what not…with you and also makes you an addict…

you may not worry much if your gold ring/ear rings were lost……BUT BUT if your phone is lost….then you get all crazy…you cant breath, get nervous…act/scream/shout like a small kid…go bazooka!!

That’s what the mobile phone has done to all of us…..

even when you wake-up in the got to check your phones (FB,whatsapp,and what not)

these days no one wants to enjoy a tour/outing/celebration…but want to click pics first and upload them….lol!!

twitter is a major addiction…

Kids these days no more play any of the outdoor games physically..its all on their mobile phones….ya of course top ten games on play store!!

iPhone – another addiction and fancy of today’s younger generation…

candy crush – the most addictive spoiler of humans

so what i say is that its time to put dem phones down for good..step out to the real world and get a real life….now put that phone down and go relax!!

have fun humans – lose that unwanted time stealer

crazy addiction
crazy addiction

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